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We are like everyone else who love to be on the water, We love all the great and unfortunately not so great experiences of the water (We have all been there). Even with the ups and downs that can come from being on the water, we continue to come back as much as we can. With over 30 years of being on the water we have had the pleasure of using so many products, both good and bad, so we wanted to create a place where you can go to find high quality products for all your on the water gear at reasonable price.

  • We offer High Quality Electronics for all sorts of water activities at a reasonable price
  • We have large variety of Boating Hardware for all your on the water adventures
  • We have all experienced the ups and downs of docking so we offer a wide variety of docking accessories to help!to help!
  • We offer a variety of cartography maps for your marine electronics
  • We know how important marine safety is so we have a large offering of products to keep you safe on the water

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